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Private Investigation Services

Degree Earned:

  • Associate of Science in Private Investigation Services

Private Investigation Services College Locations:

  • City College – Altamonte Springs
  • City College – Fort Lauderdale
  • City College – Miami

Private Investigation Services Degree

Interested in a career in Private Investigation? If you have a great eye for detail, enjoy doing research and have a knack for uncovering up to minute information, then you might want to make a career out of it! Learn about surveillance, unraveling crime scenes, analyzing evidence and more. City College’s Private Investigation program can prepare you for a variety of job options including work with computer forensic investigation, corporate investigation or financial investigation.

Career Opportunities

Conduct in-depth investigations, surveillance and forensic work. The Private Investigation Services Degree from City College prepares you for jobs as a Private Detective, Government Official, Loss Prevention Specialists, Insurance Fraud Investigators and much more.

Get started on a rewarding career in the growing field of private investigation at City College! This is one of today’s hottest fields, growing at over 22% percent annually over the 2008-18 decade, much faster than the average for all occupations1. Our associate’s degree in Private Investigation program will open the doors to a financially rewarding career that can include plenty of adventure and intrigue. In a short period of time, you could be conducting in-depth investigations and doing surveillance and forensic work.

City College’s private investigation program teaches students how to think and act like a detective. You’ll study with instructors who are seasoned professionals in the business, and get hands-on exposure to the strategies and techniques private investigators use to conduct their searches. You’ll also master the latest high-tech-information-gathering tools, learn how to conduct effective interviews and obtain statements, and observe many types of investigations.

When you graduate from our private investigation training program, you’ll be well prepared for a job in most private investigation services agencies. You can also go on to become a fully licensed “C” investigator after a year of internship or employment, which is a requirement of most agencies.