Degree Earned:

  • Associate of Science in Nursing

Nursing College Locations:

Nursing Degree

Nurses are in high demand in all healthcare sectors including pediatric, geriatric, ICU and ER. Choosing a good nursing college in Florida is an important decision that will impact your nursing career. Start on the path towards a rewarding and challenging career as a nurse with an associate degree from City College – one of Florida’s top nursing schools. We offer nursing programs at our Altamonte Springs (Orlando) campus.

The City College nursing program is designed to prepare you to take the NCLEX-RN exam after you graduate, as well as to work as a first-level professional caregiver and a vital member of the medical team. You’ll learn how to effectively administer medications, ensuring proper dosages and avoiding interactions; and how to start, maintain and discontinue intravenous (IV) lines for fluid, medication, blood and blood products. You’ll also gain expertise in administering therapies and treatments; observing patients and recording those observations, and consulting with physicians and other healthcare clinicians.

The curriculum focuses on holistic nursing and promotion of wellness as the foundation for performing medical techniques and delivering superior patient care. Our Florida nursing college offers students opportunities for valuable, hands-on experience at some of South Florida’s more progressive medical centers and acute care hospitals, giving you insight and practical training in real-world nursing environments. You’ll be supervised by registered nurses in various clinical specialties as you learn critical thinking skills, theory and care techniques.

With City College’s rigorous nursing education, you’ll have a competitive edge as you launch and advance your career as an RN.