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Mental Health Technology

Degree Earned:

  • Associate of Science in Mental Health Technology

Mental Health Technology College Locations:

  • City College – Gainesville

Mental Health Technology Degree

With the growing need for chemical dependency rehabilitation programs and senior services provided by social service agencies, there’s a high demand for mental health technician professionals. Many employers prefer a degree that provides students with in-depth training in this field. City College has an outstanding reputation as a leader in educating and preparing students to work in rewarding mental health technology careers in areas such substance abuse rehabilitation, mental retardation assessment and health and human services counseling.

The comprehensive curriculum focuses on areas such as crisis intervention, substance abuse, psychology, various patient therapies and more. You’ll learn how to coordinate mental health resources and treat patients so that they can make steady progress. During your externship, you’ll gain on-the-job knowledge and skills by working alongside health professionals in real-world settings.

Upon completing your degree, you will be fully prepared to serve as a vital member of the mental health team and work closely with physicians and other health professionals in case management, addiction treatment, advocacy, group therapy, counseling and other capacities. Graduates are eligible to take the mental health technician certification examination for psychiatric technicians offered by the American Association of Psychiatric Technicians. Graduates will also have completed partial requirements for a mental health technician certification called the Certified Addictions Professional (CAP) credential, which sets the standards for several levels of certification for addiction professionals in Florida.