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Medical Assisting

Degree Earned:

  • Associate of Science in Medical Assisting

Medical Assisting College Locations:

  • City College – Altamonte Springs
  • City College – Fort Lauderdale
  • City College – Gainesville
  • City College – Hollywood
  • City College – Miami

Medical Assisting Degree

Launch your rewarding career as Medical Assistant at City College! Medical Assisting is one of the fastest growing professions and offers many exciting job opportunities. (Employment of medical assistants is expected to grow 34 percent from 2008 to 2018, much faster than the average for all occupations1).

An Associate of Science degree from City College, a leader in Medical Assisting education, provides the kind of comprehensive training that is sought-after by hospitals, private healthcare practices and other organizations. An in-depth focus on learning everything from administrative tasks to clinical techniques will prepare you well to take the medical assisting certification exam. Most healthcare employers now prefer an associate degree in medical assisting because of the classroom and practical experience students gain that prepares them for successful careers.

The comprehensive curriculum provides a variety of core courses and specialized training designed to give students a complete understanding of the elements required in different areas of healthcare. You can choose a specific specialty or a more general path. You will study anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, bookkeeping, phlebotomy, x-ray placement, science, administering medical procedures, and other essential topics.

A 150-hour externship at a college-approved site gives you valuable, hands-on training in real-life medical environments such as family practices, health clinics and other healthcare organizations.

City College serves as a proctor site for NCCT, the National Center for Competency Tests. In that role, we are qualified to receive medical assisting certification for students who pass the National Certified Medical Assistant (NCMA) exam. You can also test for certification as a Phlebotomist, which can further advance your career.