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Criminal Justice

Degree Earned:

  • Associate of Science in Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice College Locations:

  • City College – Gainesville

Criminal Justice Degree

Careers in criminal justice can be very rewarding, offering exciting opportunities in some of today’s most important fields. Whether you want to work in law enforcement, homeland security, immigration, forensics or other areas, City College offers one of the most comprehensive criminal justice degree programs in Florida.

The instructors in the criminal justice program at our Gainesville campus are experts in the field, and many are among the top criminologists in the state. They will give you a strong background and understanding of many facets of crime, including family violence, correctional systems, police strategies, juvenile delinquency, ethics of criminal justice and crime scene analysis. You’ll also learn about legal aspects of the criminal justice system, methods of research, the latest advances in criminal technology and how to understand the criminal mind.

When you graduate and launch your career as a criminal justice professional, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to hit the ground running. Career opportunities include positions at state and local law enforcement organizations and at federal agencies such as the FBI and the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives). This degree program – with its emphasis on judicial precedents and analytical thinking – is also a good preparation for law school.